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Is your Car Air-Conditioning cooling 100%?

Your Car Air-Conditioning system is under pressure and will leak gas slowly over time due to hose permeation, compressor front seal, o-ring connection or hose/component leakage.
This leak rate is approximately 10% per year and increases with the age of the vehicle. The refrigerant becomes low thus your Car Air-Conditioning will not cool as it did and will need Re-Gassing.

Car Air-Conditioning services start from $90 + GST on the most common cars & 4wds.

Air-Conditioning Service

* The Refrigerant is Recovered

* The system is evacuated with a dual stage high performance vacuum pump to evacuate moisture from the system

* Vacuum check is performed to check for any major leaks

* Visual inspection of all Air-Conditioning components are checked whilst monitoring connection and drive elements

* Leak Detection Dye is added

* The system is Re-Gassed to the manufacturers specifications

* A functional test is carried out on the whole system to ensure the Air-Conditioning system cycles